Poe Turns 200


“I endeavored to shriek—and my lips and my parched tongue moved convulsively together in the attempt—but no voice issued from the cavernous lungs which, oppressed as if by the weight of some incumbent mountain, gasped and palpitated, with the heart, at every elaborate and struggling inspiration,” wrote Edgar Allan Poe in his chilling description of a man who has found himself buried alive in the 1844 short story “The Premature Burial.” The maestro of terror and the macabre, who penned such classics as “The Raven” and “The Pit and the Pendulum,” was born 2Read more »

For King Or Congress

Hark, Hark the trumpet sounds,
O’er seas and solid grounds,
Who for king George do stand,
Their ruin is at hand,
The Acts of Parliament,
I hate their curst intent,Read more »