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From Briars to Boxwoods, Ash Lawn-Highland Celebrates the Life and Times of James Monroe

Posted Thursday May 1, 2008 07:00 AM EDT

Travel: Jones Beach, and How They Dreamed It Up

This experiment in "recreational socialism" was so successful that Ronald Reagan starred in a movie about Jones Beach.

Socialism, the critics said, that was what it was—“a gigantic exercise in recreational socialism,” in the words of the New York Herald Tribune. Al Smith, the man behind the exercise, agreed, and he said as much 78 years ago tomorrow, August 4, 1929. That afternoon, the former governor of New York rose to speak before a crowd of 3,000 assembled under an enormous tent, as ocean waves broke behind them.

Travel: Meeting Clark (But Not Lewis) on the Yellowstone

Pompey's Pillar National Monument

Where the Mountain Lion Lies” was the name the Crow people gave to the massive sandstone outcrop that rises above the plain near the Yellowstone River not far from Billings, Montana. On July 25, 1806, when Capt. William Clark first set eyes on it, he called it “Pomp’s Tower,” after his pet name for his guide Sacagawea’s little boy (“Pomp” translates to “little chief” in his mother’s Shoshone language).