1914 Ford Model T Touring Car, Given to John Burroughs by Henry Ford



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1914 Ford Model T Touring Car, Given to John Burroughs by Henry Ford

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1914 Ford Model T Touring Car, Given to John Burroughs by Henry Ford


Ford Motor Company. Highland Park Plant
From the Collections of The Henry Ford. Gift of Elizabeth Burroughs Kelley.

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When Ford Motor Company introduced its new Model T on October 1, 1908 it was a text book example of the right product at the right time. Using lightweight but strong vanadium steel, a modern engine, and an innovative suspension system designed for the awful roads typical of America at the time, the Model T was a great value at $850. By the end of 1913 Ford's efforts to increase production had produced the moving assembly line and driven the price down to $550. In 1914 Ford began paying his workers $5 for an eight hour day, making it possible for the workers who made the cars to also buy them. When Model T production ended in 1927 over 15 million had been sold, contributing mightily to vast changes in American living patterns, leisure activities, and the American economy. This 1914 Touring Car is one of several Model T Fords given to naturalist John Burroughs by his friend, Henry Ford, in an ultimately successful attempt to convince Burroughs that cars aided, rather than hindered, the study of nature. Until his death in 1921, Burroughs used this car during his field work. Engine: Ford inline 4-cylinder, side valves, 177 cu. in., 20 hp.

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