4 Pounder Bronze Gun



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 4 Pounder Bronze Gun

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4 Pounder Bronze Gun

Content Description: 

This 4-pound gun lacks national markings, but records indicate that it was captured during the war of 1812; its vent field is conspicuously mutilated by extensive drilling or hammering with a pick-like instrument. Its general configuration dates it in the second half of the 18th century, or, possibly, the first years of the 19th. The 4-pounder, as noted under No. 2 above, was a Continental caliber although some iron 4-pounders were in British service until about 1800. It may well have been purchased or captured by the English, since trophy guns were often put to use. It was at the Norfolk Navy Yard when the Civil War began, making it likely that is was originally captured at sea. Its small caliber means that, in all probability, it armed a privateer or armed merchant.

Physical Description: 

Material: Bronze.
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