40mm Bofors Rapid Fire Cannon


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40mm Bofors Rapid Fire Cannon

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40mm Bofors Rapid Fire Cannon

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Both the U.S. Navy and Army used the Bofors rapid fire cannon widely in the Pacific War. In the Mariana Islands, 40mm Bofors were a primary wealon in the air defenses of ports and airfields. The Bofors rapid fire cannon was designed and built by Bofors, a Swedish arms manufacturer. The Navy Bureau of Ordnance acquired the first Bofors, a twin mount, in August 1940 for testing. Production began in the U.S. before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Chrysler manufactured most of the Bofors used in the Pacific. The Bofors fired 80-100 rounds per minute in real-life action, as opposed to test results of 120 rounds per minute. Bofors were built in single, twin, and quad mounts.