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Content Description: 

Grand Army of the Republic ribbon and badge. Brass clasp at top -1 1/2" W in center, 3"L. "Grand Army of the Republic" with emblem of a spread eagle atop an American flag with a star below. Inside star is a sketched image of figures, men, women, and children. "Grand Army of the Republic IBEI Veteran 1866" written around circle -black sunburst surrounds seal. Attached to clasp is a red, white, & blue ribbon -1 5/8" W x 1"L. Attached to the ribbon is a painted metal medallion - 1 3/4" Circum. Painted image of four Union soldiers -one with bayonet behind a cannon, one with a rifle in front of a cannon, one seated hunched over by cannon wheel, and one behind cannon carrying two bayonets. An American flag waves in background. Attached to clasp behind ribbon and medallion is a 1 15/16"W x 3 1/4"L white ribbon with white fringe. Attached to clasp behind white ribbon is a black ribbon -2 3/8" W x 6"L. "ED SAXE/Post No. 135/Wautoma, WIS" is written in silver on the ribbon. At base of ribbon is 1 3/4" metallic coiled thread trim and fringe. On back of medallion -"Torsch & Lie, Baltimore, MD, Jan. 30, 1894." On back of clasp "Pat. Oct 1892, Mar 7 93".

Physical Description: 

Cloth. Brass, Metal.

6125 Boydton Plank Rd. Petersburg, Virginia 23803