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Badge, Cap

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Badge, Cap

Content Description: 

1 Navy hat pin. Pin is an American Eagle, wings spread, perched upon a shield that shows 13 stars above 7 and 6 alternating stripes. Set behind this are two crossed anchors that show their tops, just under the eagle's wings, and the bottoms that exit near the lower portion of the shield. Anchor has the typical Naval snagged rope looping through them. Eagle and shield are silver or at least silver plated. Stamped text on its reverse side reads "Sterling". A pin with clasp for securing are attached to the backside of the eagles wings and allow for wearing on a cap. The two anchors (actually one single piece) are made of gold plated brass, "1/20 12K" are stamped onto one of the anchor back, and are attached to the rest of the pin by means of a hole in the center where the two anchors cross, which fits onto a small post with screw lines and is secured by a large, round brass nut. Pin is kept in a dark blue/black velvet jewerly box. Garibaldi and Bruns is printed on the top of the lid interior.
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