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Book, instruction

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Book, instruction

Content Description: 

instruction book Item is an instruction book for Singer Sewing machine no. 66. It's cover is dark green. In black text, it is titled, in all capital letters "Instructions / for using / Singer Sewing Machine / No. 66 / Lock Stitch, for Family Use". Below the title there is a red "S" with black lettering inside saying "Singer Sewing machines." Around the "S" is an instruction that "When requiring hneedls, oil, parts or repairs ofr your machine, look for the red "S" There are SInger shops in Every City>" At the bottom of the cover is the legend, again in all capital letters, "The SInger Manufacturing Co." The top left corner of the cover says "Form 8674 / April, 1920". All of the text on the cover is enclosed by a balack rectangle. The book is bound by means of two staples. The back cover, also dark green, has the Singer trademark logo in a red and black oval. Under the oval, the cover reads "This Trade Mark Embossed in Brass / Is on the Arm of Every / SInger Sewing Machine".
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