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mid 20th century

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(a) 1 steel canister/can used for various purposes in the medical profession. Can is cylindrical in shape with a flat bottom and lip or edge at the top that flares out (0.6cm) and curls under to form a rim that runs the circumference of the opening. Canister has been covered with an enamel coating and painted white with the upper rim edge being colored black. (b) Lid is circular, concave shaped object with a semi-circular metal piece welded into place at the top center and used as a handle. Bottom of lid angles inward (1.2cm) and ends with an edge that is curled up under itself. The lid, like its can mate, has been covered with an enamel coating and painted white. The handle and the bottom edge have been painted black. In black marker the word Sterile had been handwritten as well as another word which now is illegible. The family says that these items belonged to Robert Gibbon, the donor's husband's great great grandfather, a physician during the Civil War. Most of the items are actually much more modern, appearing to be mid 20th century.
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