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2003.002.007 Carte-de-Visite Portrait of George A. Custer. This carte-de-visite is actually a photographic print of a lithograph done of a photo of Custer. The image is post Civil War. He is wearing a scarf with a star on it, and also a wide collared tunic with a star at the tips. Below image is handwritten in : "Yours Truly G A Custer U.S.A." Provenance on the piece is that it was presented by Custer to Captain George W. Yates a fellow officer who also died at Little Big Horn. George Yates (February 26, 1843-June 25, 1876) Yates was born in Albany, New York. He met Custer in Monroe, Michigan, and they became close personal friends. Yates served as a Second Lieutenant in the Fourth Michigan Infantry. Custer secured a position for Yates on General Alfred Pleasonton's staff. Fought at First Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Gettysburg. In 1866, Yates was appointed Captain of F Company, Seventh US Cavalry. Seventh Cavalry. One of the "Custer Gang" of "Custer Clan", which was a close group of friends and relatives that served under Custer. Yates was buried on the Little Bighorn Battlefield, but was reinterred in Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Fort Yates in Dakota Territory was named in his memory and honor, and Battery Yates at Fort Baker overlooks San Fransisco Bay.

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