Cnj #5 Steam Derrick Idler Gondola #9208



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Cnj #5 Steam Derrick Idler Gondola #9208

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Cnj #5 Steam Derrick Idler Gondola #9208

Content Description: 

This steam-powered wrecking crane was part of a small fleet of cards designed solely to maintain the railway -- to remove wrecks and to lay, replace, and resurface the track. The Central Railroad of New Jersey #5 steam derrick was built in 1918 and spent most of its working life in northeastern Pennsylvania. It could lift up to 150 tons.
Though it could move itself and its idler for short distance, a locomotive usually pulled #5 to the work site. The idler gondola, when coupled in front of the crane, carried rails, ties, spikes, chains, and extra hooks. Its primary function, however, was to enable the crane to be coupled into a train.
While traveling, the cane's boom, lowered into a horizontal position, extended over its coupler and required an empty or "idler" gondola between it and the next piece of equipment.

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