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Coin, Commemorative

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Coin, Commemorative

Content Description: 

Commemorative coin in antiqued bronze-colored metal. On the obverse, in relief: across the center the dates 1775 and 2004. A tree branch rises into the upper half from between the two dates. Hanging on the left side of it is a hornets' nest with seven hornets flying below the opening. On the right side hangs a stocking cap with the word "Liberty" on the band. Below the dates are two clasped hands. Radiating outward from these symbols toward the edges are numerous irregular rays of varying width and length. The edges of the coin are knurled, and this knurling extends onto both the obverse and reverse to form an outer border. On the reverse, inside this border, are the words "Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence" in bold caps forming a circle open at the bottom. Another circle of knurling inside this frames the words "20 / May / 1775" laid out in three straight lines of larger bold caps. The coin is enclosed in a clear plastic protective case and presented in a fitted black velvet jewelry box with snap hinged lid lined in white satin. A small square beige parchment-look card inside the box contains the following text printed inside a black line border: The May 20th Society / The Society would like to thank you for joining us this evening. We believe that reviving the celebration of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Idependence is an integral part of establishing our community's identity. But this is just the beginning! Please visit us at for information on upcoming events and efforts to celebrate the revolutionary and visionary spirit that has defined Charlotte for over two centuries." The words "May 20th" and the web address are printed in red, the rest in black. The box is enclosed in a white cardboard sleeve. a) - coin encased in clear plastic b) - box c) - label d) - sleeve
3500 Shamrock Dr,North Carolina,Charlotte,28215