Coin, Commemorative


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Coin, Commemorative

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Coin, Commemorative

Content Description: 

Dull silver-colored coin, round, with a smooth margin and a heavy smooth raised rim around both sides. On the obverse, in relief, is a 3/4 front view of the original Mecklenburg County Courthouse with Captain Jack on horseback preparing to leave for Philadelphia with a document brandished above his head. Excited citizens are gathered on the steps behind him and form a semicircle at the bottom of the motif around which is a wreath of flowers resembling tulips. Around the inside of the rim, in relief, are Roman caps spelling out "MECKLENBURG DECLARATION BICENTENNIAL". Across the bottom, also in an arc, is the date "MAY 20" with the year 1775 in smaller type to the left and the year 1975 likewise on the right. On the obverse, again in Roman caps following the upper rim, are the words "CHARLOTTE MECKLENBURG BICENTENNIAL", this time smaller. Across the bottom in the same size caps are the words "FIRST IN FREEDOM". A star lies between the ends of each of these inscriptions. At top center is the upper half of a ragged document purporting to be the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. Below this is the inscription, "The Mecklenburg / Declaration of Independence / was signed at / Mecklenburg County Courthouse / Charlotte, North Carolina / on May 20, 1775." Underneath this is the bottom half of the document, with the years "1775 - 1975" below it. The coin came encased in polyethylene stapled between two sheets of white cardboard that have circular holes cut in them to allow viewing of the coin. On the obverse, at the upper left, in blue are the words "Mecklenburg / Declaration / Bicent". At the bottom left, in red, is the word "Pewter"; on the bottom right, in pencil is "10.00 with the cents underlined, no decimal point; and at the top right are the two dates written in green, one above the other, with a horizontal line between. There is nothing written on the back. Unknown previous to purchase by donor.
3500 Shamrock Dr,North Carolina,Charlotte,28215