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Counter, Game

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Counter, Game

Content Description: 

Game scorer. Scorer is a slender rectangular ivory colored plastic box with two notched dials partially exposed on one of the thin sides, and were used to turn those dials. The front of the scorer has two holes placed near the center where the numbers 0-9 are printed on the dials and can be seen through these openings when the dial is moved. Beneath the hole on the proper right side is the word "Games" printed onto its surface as well as the word "Points" beneath the proper left hole. 3 tiny metal screws hold the counter together and these are placed on the front surface, one at the top center and one each at the bottom left side of the same surface. The names Wade and Cornelia Alexander appear as the donors on some of the description reports.

Physical Description: 

Material: Wood. H 27" x W 24" x D 14"
3500 Shamrock Dr,North Carolina,Charlotte,28215