General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson CSA (1824-1863)



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General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson CSA (1824-1863)

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General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson CSA (1824-1863)
C. 1860s

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Robert E. Lee could not have selected a more qualified officer than Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson to command the Southern attack on Harpers Ferry in September 1862. Jackson knew Harpers Ferry well. He started his career in the Confederate army there when the Civil War began. During his tenure as the commanding officer at Harpers Ferry in 1861, Jackson became intimately familiar with the unique landscape. During the attack on Harpers Ferry in 1862, he combined his knowledge of the local terrain with his skill as a former professor of artillery tactics. The result of Jackson's effort at Harpers Ferry has been called his most brilliant victory.

West Virginia,Harpers Ferry,25425