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Gun Barrel

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Gun Barrel

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This is an example of an English gun barrel or musketoon barrel of a style typically found aboard ships during the latter half of the 17th century, and throughout the 18th century. Though commonly referred to as a blunderbuss, the English Board of Ordnance distinguished flaring muzzle shotguns with barrels less than 20-inches in length as gun barrels, and those over 20-inches as musketoons. With a length of 27-inches, this example clearly falls into the latter category. The letter V beneath a crown indicates that the weapon had been "viewed" and approved for testing. The letters GP ("Gunmaker's Proved") beneath a crown indicates that the weapon had been test-fired. Both of these marks were altered in 1672 and 1702. The third mark identifies the maker and typically consists of his initials and a unique symbol previously registered with the Gunmaker's Company.