Ladderback Chair



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Ladderback Chair

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Ladderback Chair
ca. 1840-1900

Content Description: 

Chair, or Ladderback Chair. Has rawhide seat once tied by rawhide straps (strips no longer present and hide now simply sits on rails). Two rungs on sides and one on front; no back rung, only a back seat rail; front rung worn in two places where feet rest naturally. Back legs/stiles taper from bottom to top, ending in ball finials, turnings between slats. Front legs have single ring turning that matches stile turnings. Three slats, each bowed, with bottom two having slight arch, while top slat is flat across top. Back legs are worn down to the bottom rungs. Front feet now slant up, though they originally would have rested flush with floor. Beeswax and turpentine finish may once have been present and may have darkened the wood. This type of chair had dry rungs and slats inserted into freshly turned green legs; the legs shrank around the dry rungs, locking them in place.

Physical Description: 

H: 32 7/8" W: 20" D: 18 1/2"
500 S Bronough St,Florida,Tallahassee,32399