Lemoine Sampler


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Lemoine Sampler

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Lemoine Sampler


Lemoine, Maria Magdalene

Content Description: 

Needlework picture titled "A Plan of the City of Washington in the Territory of Columbia..." attributed to Maria Magdalene Lemoine, based on the Plan of the City by Pierre L'Enfant as engraved and published by Thackara and Vallance, Alexandria, D.C. Across top of embroidery are polychrome painted and embroidered figures of Justice, Liberty, and Hope, each personified by a woman dressed in early-nineteenth-century clothing in a labeled oval medallion surrounded by floral designs. The medallions are connected by a rope and tassel design with greenery. Below these is a map of the city of Washington, from Georgetown at the west to the "Eastern Branch" (Anacostia River) at the east, and bordered by Rock Creek at the North and the Potomac and Eastern Branch at the south, with lower sections labeled "Part of Virginia within the territory of Columbia" and "Part of Maryland within the territory of Columbia." Street blocks and important buildings are stitched in black thread, with significant streets and buildings labeled in similar stitching. Bodies of water are embroidered in satin stitch in blues, browns, and greens, labeled in capital letters in black, with some bridges also indicated. At the lower left corner of the piece is an oval medallion enclosing a painted and embroidered portrait of George Washington in a half-length 3/4 view, facing proper left. Washington wears his white curled hair in a queue and a blue, gold and brown military uniform with epaulets and a white shirt ruffle. The medallion is surrounded by floral and foliate designs. Underneath the medallion, embroidered text reads "George Washington First President of the United States and late Lieutenant General of the American Armies Died at Mount Vernon 14th Decm 1799 aged 68 years." To the right of the image of Washington is an embroidered compass rose in black and white topped with a fleur-de-lys, underneath of which is stitched "Lat. Capitol....33:53 N. Long... 0.0. Below this is a painted image of two angels flanking a book above the Washington crest, above stitched text reading "Plan of the City of Washington in the Territory of Columbia ceded by the States of Virginia and Maryland to the United States of America and by them established as the Seat of their Government, after the Year MDCCC." At the lower right corner of the sampler is a scale in poles and inches, labeled "Scale of Poles." Sampler is matted with green archival matboard and archivally framed in old gilt wood frame (according to conservator's treatment report).

Physical Description: 

2715 Q St. NW,District Of Columbia,Washington,20007