Militia Officer's Coat



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Militia Officer's Coat

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Militia Officer's Coat
circa 1815-1825

Content Description: 

A single breasted dark blue, fine wool broadcloth officer's coatee that is entirely lined; the body and sleeves with a tabby woven, white silk; the tails with a blue broadcloth. Coat is shaped, handsewn with a short, slightly round front waist, "cut in" tail coat with a white cream colored twilled wool broadcloth, interfaced, high standing collar which is lined with same exterior material. Collar fastens with brass hooks and eyes. Gold bullion braid and two flanking large flat panelled brass militia buttons decorate the collar. Coatee has a blue wool "Wine glass" shaped breast panel that carries 10 medium brown braided long sloping buttonholes on one side, and 10 braided long sham sloping button holes on left side. There are 10 large brass Massachusetts militia buttons on right side. A strip of gold braid rests on top of each shoulder. There is also a small militia button on each side of collar base for epaulettes. Sleeve has a natural curve cut with a french cuff opening. A functional scalloped flap with three large militia buttons to secure each cuff opening. Sleeve is gathered into shoulder seam. There is no waist seam on coatee; the tails are "caught back" with sequins in star center. Attenuated tails are pleated on exterior, and there is a non-functioning sewn, scalloped flap on each tail with three large militia buttons placed equidistantly on each flap. Two deep, brown linen pockets with vertical pocket opening located on lining side of tail near center opening of skirt. There are two large hip buttons and two large buttons placed in each tail pleat. A total of 12 large buttons are in back. Coatee has a total of 30 large and 2 small militia buttons. Buttons on coatee are similar to buttons in Johnson's Uniform Buttons Watrins glen, Century House, 1948, Vol I p. 112, Vol II p. 48, button number 493-B. Buttons are flat panelled, brass gilt, omega type, lined oval field, with an indian holding an arrow in right hand, bow in left. There is a five point star on right. Letters "MASSACHUSETTS" are above indian. "LONDON/EXTRA QUALITY" appears on back of button. Buttons have brass eyes. The small buttons are same as large.

Physical Description: 

Wool, silk, brass. Length: front 13 5/8" (34.7 cm), back 43 3/4" (111.1), Waist 37 7/8" (96.2 cm), sleeve length 23 3/8" (59.5 cm), cuff 1 width 2 1/3" (5.4 cm), collar width 3 1/2" (9 cm), pocket opening 7 1/2" (19 cm), cuff dia. 10 7/8" (27.7 cm), braid on shoulders 3 3/4" (9.5 cm), braid on collar 5 5/8" (14.3 cm).
1 Old Sturbridge Village Road,Massachusetts,Sturbridge,01566
Collection of Old Sturbridge Village