Model Of The Lois McClure, Sailing Canal Boat



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Model Of The Lois McClure, Sailing Canal Boat

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Model Of The Lois McClure, Sailing Canal Boat


Content Description: 

This scale model depicts the schooner Lois McClure, a replica of a canal boat that was fitted with sails and masts.Unlike the standard canal boats which had no independent propulsion, the Lake Champlain sailing canal boat was initially built as an experiment in the early nineteenth century to avoid the costly towing fees of the towing vessels on Lake Champlain and other open waterways. It caught on, and over 200 sailing canal boats were built in the 1800s, designed to be able to sail from distant lake ports to the canal on the power of the wind. Upon reaching the canal, the masts were lowered and centerboard raised and the now transformed vessel could directly enter the canal.The Lois McClure is modeled after two 1862-class canal schooners sunk in Lake Champlain, the General Butler, and the OJ Walker. During their heyday, canal schooners were homeported on Lake Champlain but regularly plied the canals, rivers and lakes between New York City, Quebec City and Montreal. Launched in 2004, Lois McClure serves as a regional ambassador promoting the shared heritage of Quebecois, Vermonters and New Yorkers.The Lois McClure was constructed by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in Vermont and launched in 2004. She has done many tours along the interconnected waterways of New York, Vermont, and Quebec. The schooner is named in honor of Lois McClure, who, along with her husband Mac, has been a major contributor to this and many other worthy community projects in the greater Burlington, Vermont area.

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