Model Of The USS Pennsylvania



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Model Of The USS Pennsylvania

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Model Of The USS Pennsylvania

Content Description: 

Considerably larger than previous American armored cruisers, USS Pennsylvania was commissioned on March 9, 1905. Pennsylvania contributed to the beginnings of naval aviation. This model captures the historic landing by an airplane onto a ship made by Eugene Ely on January 18, 1911. Renamed Pittsburgh on August 27, 1912,Pennsylvania was exceptionally under-gunned for her size. Before World War I she patrolled the waters off South America. Her sheer size acted as a deterrent throughout the war. After the war she provided aid to the troubled areas of the east Mediterranean.Briefly out of commission, Pittsburgh returned as flagship of Naval Forces of Europe in 1922. In 1927, while serving with the Asiatic Fleet, she landed troops in Shanghai to protect Americans from the potential threat of the Chinese. Pittsburgh was decommissioned on July 10, 1931. Soon after she was sold for scrap as stipulated by the London Treaty to reduce naval armaments.During her service, she was outfitted with 829 officers and men, four 8-inch guns, fourteen 6-inch guns, eighteen 3-inch guns, eight 6-pounder guns, four 1-pounder guns, two Maxim Nordenfelt guns, and three Colt machine guns.

Physical Description: 

Scale of model: 1/4" to 1'. Original ship dimensions: Length 503' 11"; Beam 69' 7"; Draft 24' 1"; Displacement 13,400 tons; Speed 22 knots.

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