Money Scale In A Wooden (oak) Case


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Money Scale In A Wooden (oak) Case

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Money Scale In A Wooden (oak) Case
James Boone, Jr.

Content Description: 

Inscription in black ink on lid, "James Boone, junior.  A.D. 1773." and also in front of case:" James Boone Junior". Interior of case has three partitions to hold scales and weights. A printed table: "A TABLE of the Value an Weight of COINS, as they now pass in Pennsylvania" is glued under the lid as is a hand written note with similar information. Additional notes on the coin weigths is written in black ink directly on the underside of the lid. A handwritten note on the weight of "a gold piece of the United States of America" is associated to this boxed coin scale. The lid is held with iron snipe hinges and a brass hook and iron eye. The box is assembled using small nails or brads (same material as clasp eye and hinges), some that are driven in completely and some that are bent to act as nail heads. The partitions are glued. The bottom of the partitions are lined with green cloth.

Physical Description: 

Material: Wood, steel, brass, lead, silk, wool, paper, iron. L: 5.81", W: 2.69", H: 1.13".