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Miniature bowling set. Pieces are: a - j: bowling pins k - l: wood balls m: storage tray for set Child's turn-of-the-century wood bowling set. 10 bottle pins with a red and blue stripe on circumference. 2 wood balls. Set in wood box with dovetail corners. Box originally had a hard sliding top, now missing. Pins 8 1/4" high, balls 1 3/4" diameter. Pins each have two stripes painted along the widest part of the pin. The stripes are about 1'' apart, the upper stripe is blue and the lower is red. There are indented marks on the bottom of the pins made from the pins being attached to the lathe during spinning. There is also a bump of wood on the top of the pins from where it was carved by the lathe. The pins are stained very lightly or simply varnished. 1992.006 k-l Balls, Ninepins Two small wood balls, 1.75" in diameter. Dark colored wood. Objects were spun on a lathe and have the marks from the lathe on the tops and bottoms. 1992.006 m Storage Box, Ninepins Wood unstained box, 16.125'' x 9'' x 2'', for storage of pins and balls. Dovetail construction on the corners. Once had a lid that would slide into grooves on the longest sides. Many knots in the wood including one on the back PL of the base which causes a hole all the way through the wood. The sides are held onto the base with ten nails, three on each short side, two on each long side.
3500 Shamrock Dr,North Carolina,Charlotte,28215