Painted Militia Knapsack



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Painted Militia Knapsack

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Painted Militia Knapsack
circa 1820

Content Description: 

Militia knapsack, New Hampshire. Full flap cover. 5/8" wide maroon cotton shoulder tapes with natural linen inside tapes to secure flap to pocket. Cover flap is painted deep red orange with black and gilt trim. Numerical company and regimental designations (6th. INF'T.Co./16th. REG'T.) indicates enrolled militia. Front face of pocket bears stamp of fabric manufacturer: "HAMILTON DRILLING/28 yds." and leafy boughs. Flap is painted red orange, bordered in black, there is a six-pointed gilt star at each corner and, at center, a gilt-bordered black cartouch emblazoned with company and regimental designations in gilt. See also: Curtis & Guthman, New England Militia Uniforms and Accoutrements, Old Sturbridge Village Booklet Series, 1971, pg. 72, top of page for illustration and erroneous dating and attribution. A documented example of this knapsack was recently acquired by the dealer from whom this one was purchased. Documentation established enlistment date of original owner as 1814 and origin of sixth Infantry Company of the 16th Regiment as from the towns of Acworth, Charlestown and Unity, NH.

Physical Description: 

Cotton, linen, paint, gilt. Cover flap - 14 5/8" x 16" (37.1 x 40.6cm); Inside pocket - 11 1/2" x 11 5/8" (29.2 x 29.5cm)
1 Old Sturbridge Village Road,Massachusetts,Sturbridge,01566
Collection of Old Sturbridge Village