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Pin, Insignia

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Pin, Insignia

Content Description: 

Presbyterian Sunday School copper Pin. Object is slightly oval shaped, resembling a shield with 6 points emanating from the sides, starting with one at the top, bottom and two on either of the sides. An image of a brown cross is placed in the center of the pin's face with a blue ribbon above it with copper colored text reading "Presbyterian". Near the bottom of the cross image is a Gold crown with a gold "S" (stands for "Sunday School") just above it and on either side of the cross. These images are placed in a field of white enamel paint. Back of object has a a hinged pin that when closed, fits into a "C" shaped hook and secures it to a person's clothing. At the bottom of the pin is an eyehole loop made from the same material and may have been used to attach other hanging pins or jewelry. Raised text on the back of pin reads "Littles Cross and Crown System" and is placed around the image of a crown over a cross, the name of the manufacturer.
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