Plate, Commemorative



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Plate, Commemorative

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Plate, Commemorative

Content Description: 

A commerative plate from the Elizabeth College of Charlotte, North Carolina (1896 - 1915). Plate face has a decorative purple ring that runs the outer circumference nearest the outer edge with an interior orange ring. The center of the plate has a wavy, purple ring that includes printed text that reads "Elizabeth College Charlotte North Carolina Pro Christo Et Ecclesia" and runs in a circular fashion around an image of a hand pouring oil into an old fashioned oil lamp. A ancient style harp lays across the flame end of the lamp. The bottom of the plate shows a single round edged foot upon which the object rests. Two small, very slender lines of protruding china material run in parallel circles just inside of this larger foot. The words "Dresden China" can be read inside of the two smaller circles. Plate came from donor's father, Carroll Sergeant, owner of a bookstore in Charlotte. Donor has been told her father's mother Carrie (or Caralee) Smith (later Sergeant) went to Elizabeth College.
3500 Shamrock Dr,North Carolina,Charlotte,28215