Plunger Class Submarine



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Plunger Class Submarine

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Plunger Class Submarine

Content Description: 

Supported by Admiral George Dewey, John P. Holland persuaded Congress to fund seven new, improved submarines in June 1900. The boats of Plunger-class, represented by this model, could dive 150 feet and fire a torpedo through a bow tube covered with a cap which looked like a fish's mouth. The Navy commissioned the boats in 1903. Initially, they were assigned experimental and training duties. However, one served with the Pacific Fleet off California, and six eventually patrolled off the Philippines as part of the Asiatic Fleet. All but two of the boats were used as targets before the Navy struck the entire class from the Naval Vessel Register in 1922.

Physical Description: 

Scale: 3/4"-1'. L: 64'. Beam: 12'. Draft: 11'. Speed: 8 knots (surfaced), 7 knots (submerged). Displacement: 107 tons.
805 Kidder Breese Street SE,District of Columbia,Washington,20374
Courtesy Naval Sea Systems Command