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Print, Photographic

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Print, Photographic
Ca 1859

Content Description: 

2003.002.001 Photograph, George Armstrong Custer Salt print Circa. 1859 of George A. Custer while a cadet at West Point. Custer graduated 34th of 34 in 1861. Taken form life. Seated holding shako in right hand. .This and objects 2003.002.002 & 2003.002.003 came in the same frame and are associated. Was framed on October 7, 1960 by Goodspeed's Book Shop of Boston. Framing materials non-archival and 20th century (discarded). General George A. Custer - large salt print photograph taken from life, ca. 1859 of a young Custer ready for his future. Wearing his West Point cadet uniform and holding his Shako in his hand, with curly blond hair that would add to his fame and glory. This is one of the earliest known photographs of General Custer. Absolutely superb.

Physical Description: 

. This is only the dimensions of the actual photo. Not the mat.
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