Rawhide Seat Side or Ladderback Chair



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Rawhide Seat Side or Ladderback Chair

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Rawhide Seat Side or Ladderback Chair
ca. 1840
Floyd, M. L.

Content Description: 

Chair, or Ladderback Chair. Chair has rawhide seat that wraps around legs. Two rungs on both sides and front, one back rung; 3 bowed slats each a different shape, now strengthened with toed-in nails. Back feet extremely worn down. Rawhide seat joined to seat rails by leather thongs woven underneath seat. Top front rung worn on left and right where it was used as a footrest. Tops of rear legs were turned to create the effect of elongated bulbs. Stripe marks indicate this chair was once painted. This type of chair had dry rungs and slats inserted into freshly turned green legs; the legs shrank around the dry rungs, locking them in place.

Physical Description: 

H: 34 1/2" W: 18 3/4" D: 18"
500 S Bronough St,Florida,Tallahassee,32399