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ca. 1799
Lydia Scott

Content Description: 

Sampler, linen, stitchery on linen. Lydia Scott 1799. A rectangular sampler stitched on pale beige (linen?). All of the embroidery is done in cross-stitch. At the top is the alphabet, excluding the letter J, with colors changing every two letters, first pale gold, then darker golden-brown, then dark blue. The two golds continue to alternate, then "qr" is again in blue and "st" is in a pale green. Below the second line of letters - which goes through W - is a wavy gold line. Underneath that is the completion of the alphabet, with X in pale gold and YZ in blue. The rest of that line contains the digits 1 through 9., again changing thread colors every two numerals. 9 alone is in dark blue. Below the numbers is a solid line of pale gold. The next two lines, separated by a line of dark gold, repeat the alphabet in a different pattern of colors including blue, pale gold, tan, dark gold, and, just for Y and Z, green. Again, there is no J. A solid blue line separates this from another repetition of the alphabet, stitched in a larger size. This alphabet, which covers three and a half lines, seems to be missing the Z as well as the J. It too uses a variety fo colors, which generally change every two letters. Each line is marked by a horizontal row of stitches, in green, tan, tan, and blue as you go from top to bottom. After the final Y is the name that is presumably a signature: Lydia Scott, with the intials in gold and the other letters in green. Under her name is the year 1799 in blue. The sampler is bordered by straight stitches in a medium gold as well as a hem in the fabric itself. It is housed in a faux-wood frame with cardboard backing and a glass top.

Physical Description: 

Material: Leather, silk, velvet. L 5 3/4" x W 3 1/2"
3500 Shamrock Dr,North Carolina,Charlotte,28215