Scrapbook: Mark Twain Museum Events



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Scrapbook: Mark Twain Museum Events

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Scrapbook: Mark Twain Museum Events
Morris Anderson

Content Description: 

Scrapbook: Mark Twain Museum Events Red paper bound scrapbook with black binding tape. Surface of scrapbook embossed with leather texture. Title gold stamped in upper left of front. Single blind stamped rule around edges of front and back. Pages two hole punched and fit over metal binder rings inside scrapbook. Pages plain with purpose-made folding lines at binding. First page has two photographs, one of FDR at podium in grandstand leading pledge of allegiance (bottom) At top is photo of FDR's limosine and motorcade. approx. 34 pages on interior. Taped immediately inside front cover is American Airlines sticker featuring a Douglas DC-3. Sticker red/white/blue. Pages of scrapbook contain photos, letters, newspaper clippings. INSCRIPTION Inside front cover is series of inscriptions that read line a table of contents for scrapbook, though there are serious gaps in notation, such as just where information is located: 'Mask of Langdon Mark Twain's Hats Furnishing Home - Walker Building Museum 1963-7 pp. 17-19-23 Story by Brewington 21 First Home Board Mark Twain Museum Mark Twain Bridge Rockwell Paintings Early Museum Acquisitions' At center of interior just below American Airlines sticker is a label: 'NUMBER 5 In a series of five scrap books prepared by Morris Anderson having principally to do with Hannibal and Mark Twain from the Fall of 1934 to January First 1940' Below label at center is Mr. Morris' signature: 'Morris Anderson'

Physical Description: 

120 North Main,Missouri,Hannibal,63401