Seven Barrelled Gun By Henry Harrington, Southbridge, Massachusetts



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Seven Barrelled Gun By Henry Harrington, Southbridge, Massachusetts

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Seven Barrelled Gun By Henry Harrington, Southbridge, Massachusetts
circa 1837-1845
Henry Harrington, Southbridge, Massachusetts

Content Description: 

Seven barrelled Harrington gun; barrels are brass, bored about .40 calibre. Stocked in figured walnut, with a plain German silver shotgun butt plate and German silver trigger guard. Barrel has a steel shield about 4 1/4" long over the breech end, and from there to the muzzle the barrels are wrapped in heavy twine which has been lacquered or painted black. Gun has two hammers and two inter-changeable breech blocks, one of which fires successive charges of three and four barrels and the other of which fires all barrels simultaneously. This Harrington gun shows evidence of fine finish and was apparently made by a proper gunmaker. Unmarked. Artifacts in Harrington collection include: cutlery, scarificators, pen pointer, razors and blades, (finished and rough) double ambrotype of Harrington and wife; extra seven shot barrels & interchangeable breech blocks, bullet molds and bullets; also block plane, pair of clamps, various taps and dies, a hammer, several burrs, two hole saws and several punches and burnishers. Acquired from grandson of Henry Harrington.

Physical Description: 

Iron/steel; German silver; brass; wood: figured walnut; cord. Length - 36 15/16"; Length of barrels - 19 3/4".
1 Old Sturbridge Village Road,Massachusetts,Sturbridge,01566
Collection of Old Sturbridge Village