Spanish 12 Pounder Bronze Gun



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Spanish 12 Pounder Bronze Gun

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Spanish 12 Pounder Bronze Gun
June 6, 1767

Content Description: 

The legend cast into the breech ring of this Spanish 12-pounder gun shows that it was made at Barcelona on 6 June 1767. The royal cipher on the first reinforce is translated C III R, or Carolus III Rex, for Charles III, King of Spain form 1759 to 1788. Like many Continental guns, this one has an individual name cast into its chase. The name EL ALANO means a mastiff, a large hunting dog; not an inappropriate name for a piece of heavy ordnance. A 12-pounder gun would be considered heavy at this time for field use, but would be suitable for siege and garrison service and might be used in larger warships. It was sent to the Philippines for use in the defenses of Manila and was captured there by Rear Admiral Dewey in 1898. This cannon is currently undergoing conservation.

Physical Description: 

Material: Bronze
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