Spanish 6 Pounder Bronze Gun



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Spanish 6 Pounder Bronze Gun

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Spanish 6 Pounder Bronze Gun
Andres Melendez

Content Description: 

This is the oldest piece in Leutze Park, a Spanish 6-pounder saker cast by Andres Melendez in 1686 for King Charles II (1665-1700), whose arms it bears in high relief on the first reinforce. The founder's name appears around the neck of the muzzle; the gun is named, as many period guns were. It honors Saint Bruno, 11th-century scholar and founder of the Carthusian monastic order; S BRVNO (San Bruno) is cast into the second reinforce. The arms on the chase are those of the official in charge of the royal ordnance or in command of the service for which the gun was made. When this gun was cast, artillery pieces were still described by names which generally indicated their caliber and proportion. This 3.69-inch, 6-pounder weapon is 23 calibers long falling into the category of gun called sacre (saker). A sacre was lighter than the media culebrina (demiculverin), and heavier than a falcon. Its muzzle is strengthened by reinforcing bands or rings, rather than by the bell-shaped muzzle swell seen on later pieces; muzzle rings characterize guns cast into the first quarter of the 18th century.

Physical Description: 

Material: Bronze.
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