Sword From "Bleeding Kansas"



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Sword From "Bleeding Kansas"

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Sword From "Bleeding Kansas"

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Incidents between pro-slavery and anti-slavery settlers in Kansas becaame increasingly violent during the mid-1850s. By May 1856, pro-slavery forces had rigged elections, terrorized anti-slavery settlers, burned the city of Lawrence and killed many free-state advocates. John Brown, determined to retaliate, led his militia company, the Liberty Guards, along Pottawatomie Creek in late May. There, the armed band killed five pro-slavery settlers, none of whom owned slaves.
This sword is believed to have been carried by one of John Brown's men in a raiid against pro-slavery settlers in Pottawatomie, Kansas.
In a letter to a Quaker woman, John Brown justified his violent actions with a reference to the New Testament:
You know that Christ once armed Peter. So also in my case I think he put a sword into my hand and there continued it so long as he saw best.
The actions of Brown and his men were notoriously brutal. John Doyle, a survivor of an attack by Brown and his men at Pottawatomie Creek, reported:
"I found my father and one brother, William, lying dead in the road about two hundred yards from the house. I saw my other brother lyind dead on the ground about one hundred and fifty yards from the house...his fingers were cut off, and his arms were cut off; his head was cut open; there was a hole in his breast. William's head was cut open, and a hole was in his jaw, as though it was made by a knife, and a hole was in his side. My father was shot in the forehead and stabbed in the breast."

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