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Content Description: 

Made by H.W. Roundtree and Bro. Trunck and Bag Co. patented March 12th,1889 and March 29, 1892 in Richmond, Virginia. Leather covered wooden trunk with leather and metal straps and metal edge and corner protectors. Three leather straps, thick vertical leather strap in the middle, which reach down below the trunk. In the middle of the middle strap is a lock the secure the trunk. Thin vertical leather strap located on either side of the thick middle strap. The thin strap reaches across the top of the trunk and in the front and secures with buckles. There are two handles on the side (left side hadle broken off). There are multiple corner guards. Trunk lock is starting to detach from the trunk. Metal hinges on the back. Inside of the trunk has a double compartment. First compartment with H.W. Roundtree & Bro. Trunk & Bag Co. patented Mar 12th 1889 and Mar. 29th 1892. Richmond Va. Label, buttons to secure the flap to the compartment, scratch going down the front of this smaller compartment. Larger comapartment is divided in two with a flap on top as well as buttons to ensure closure. Two hinges (one on both sides), handles on both sides worn fabric on all sides, exposure to wood. Hinges enable the smaller compartment to sit on top of the larger compartment. Under the compartment is a tray. It has two handles (one on both ends). Bottom made of mesh. It has a wood piece going down the middle of the tray. Fabric is worn, some wood exposure. Stains on mesh area. Metal holders ( two on each side) so tray can rest on the inside of the trunk with help of rods located on each side of the trunk. Belonged to Mrs. "Stonewall" Jackson, then later a niece and namesake Anna Jackson Morrison Wilson, who died in 1976 at the age of 95.

Physical Description: 

Material: Wood, metal. L 5 5/8" x W 3/8"
3500 Shamrock Dr,North Carolina,Charlotte,28215