Uniform Of Lieutenant David Augustin



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Uniform Of Lieutenant David Augustin

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Uniform Of Lieutenant David Augustin

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As a military observerfor the United Nations mission to Liberia, Lieutenant David Augustin, based at the Naval Historical Center, Washington Navy Yard, D.C., patrolled a remote northwest corner of Liberia from January through July 2008. His unit, Team 6 Voinjama, met with local town leaders to learn what was happening in the villages and reported back to the U.N. on local security, violence toward women, economic development, and education. The Team also monitored food distribution, patrolled the border with Sierra Leone and Guinea, supervised the disposal of unexploded ordnance, and monitored the rehabilitation program for ex-combatatants. Augustin was the only American on his team and served with personnel from Ukraine, Romania, El Salvador, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Pakistan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Jordan, Bangladesh, and Kyrgyzstan. For his service with the U.N. he received the United Nations Mission in Liberia Medal.
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