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November 29, 1751


Nourse, John

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Copy James Nourse fr John Nourse 11/29/1751 NoursLetter from Johne of Weston to James Nourse My dear Jimmy, I have received yours dated ye 19th & have on that occasion looked over some of your letters to my Father by which you seem to stand thus from Feb.23 to No. 19 ----- which is at ye rate of more than L 85 a year, while the interest of your fortune at 5 per cent, does not amount to L20. The whole of my income when I have sold a sufficient part of ye estate to discharge all incumbrances will be about L200, a year, I leave you therefore to judge whether I can allow such a proportion of it. You may wonder how my father managed, he lived by increasing every year the dept on the estate, which I must now pay. I know that yr present --, or at least late situation must of necessity run you into several expenses beyond what wd have been prudent at another time. Upon which account I shall willingly discharge all your present debts, with somewhat over for pocket money, But I supose that you need not be told that you must retrench for the future, If you think that you must live somewhat as a gentleman's son pray think of my condition who am expected by people who dont know my cicumstances to live as my Father did, with about one third of that they took to be his income, and without any future prospect of increasing it , by any trade or profession. Dick Hopton,( as my uncle Gregory informs me) is of opinion that I cannot pay your fortune until you are of age ----- the sum of the whole is this, I will pay yr debts, and will send you as much money, as you think will be neccessary for your expenses for the next 8 months, & on the 19th of July you will be age, when if you think fit -- you will receive it (your fortune). I hope dear Jimmy I need not tell you that I love you very well, but in this ye utmost that common prudence will permit me to do for you. And therefore I hope you will be contented with it and do (as I am continually striving to do) bring yr mind to the bound of your fortune I am yr affectionate Brother J. Nourse Weston Nov. 29, 1751 Copy of a letter from John Nourse of Weston Herefordshire, Eng. to James Nourse his 3rd brother --- From this letter it appears that James Nourse was born July 14. 1731.

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