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April 29, 1784


Nourse, Joseph

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Jos. N. to S.F. N. (mother) 4/29 1784 Small Hopes y e 29 April 1784 My Dear Mother, I am happy in the opportunity of my Father's return to Annapolis to beg that you will accept my warmest acknowledgments for your kind Letter by him, anticipating the happiness I now so fully enjoy in the company of my dear Maria, whose amiable qualities increase upon me to that degree that the more I reflect on my situation, the more I am excited to the praise of that good Being who, in his Providence, hath bestowed the choicest of his blessings. My Father will give you my dear Madam the particulars interesting of our Marriage, the auspicious day was the 22d, marked by its serenity, as an emblem I flatter myself, of our future Life. Mr. Surges joined our Hands, Heaven our hearts; the presence of my Father conveyed to my Soul, one of those pleasing sensations, I should have doubly felt, had my dear mother been there. Maria possesses that sweet assemblage of female Virtues, joined (my dear Madam), to an imagination lively, & a Mind so liberally endowed, that I assure myself of every domestic Comfort & happiness in her charming company. To you, I need not thus enlarge, my Study in regard to her will be to merit her, -- mutual happiness must result, -- for I am satisfied, it will be her's to render me the most happy man. My Mind can not be called settled so as to write a Letter tolerably connected. In my Narrative, I must carry you to Philadelphia, where I left brother John well on Sunday the 11th. I was at least a week in preparing for my Journey. I had such a crowd of both public and private business, that I was obliged at last to run away. I before had the pleasure to acquaint you that I had taken a snug house, with two rooms on the 1st. & two on the 2nd floor, with two large g arrets, the Kitchen is under ground which is an inconvenience. My Furniture is all purchased so far as I can well make at this time. In doing this, I purchased all New, and that of the best, for which, I know you will commend me. I had the pleasure of escorting Mrs Rittenhouse & her little girl. Mrs R. is Sister to Maria. Our Journey was pleasant, would have been more so had not the exessive severe weather the past Season, delayed the drying of the Roads. It was marked by two or three trivial accidents which serve, to prevent time from totally effacing journies of this Nature from the Mind, so that in future days when Maria and myself may pass at Harpers, "Here", I shall say, "the Waggon was stopped by a small breakage, there the Road was so bad that for some Moments, we experienced some anxiety". We arrived at Col. Ball's on Sunday y e 18th. The 26th. Mrs Smith returned to Hackwood, she & the Col. having favored us with their company. On Saturday we paid Papa a visit at Piedmont.

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