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Bull, Sarah

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Maria Nourse fr Sarah Bull 1/16/1789 My Dear Sister Mama has lately received a letter from you, in which I am charged with neglect. You say that you have frequently written to John Smith and repeatedly to me; and that both have been remiss in acknowledging the receipt of your favors. Believe me, nothing but want of opportunity has detered me from being a better correspondent: nay, even that has not prevented my returning answer to every pacquet of yours that reached my hands. For letters pass through Winchester without being opened previous to their being delivered to the persons to whom they are adressed I have been told that this custom has long been practised in that little Town otherways I should have attributed the sorry fashion to the parties of Federal & Anti, which now run high. Brother mentioned to Papa that all your little family were in a fair way of taking the measles, as Michael was inflicted with them. Pray let me know how my dear little Cepha bore them; and if they attached her violently, I am in hopes that in this she is perfectly recovered. The delicacy of her constitution would I fear, severely feel the weight of the disorder. Charles in my opinion is better able to struggle with them. I therefore am not very uneasy on his account. There is nothing to be heard of in Frederick & Berkely but courtships, ingagements & marriages. Your old acquaintance Miss Betty Snickers, to the astonishment of all her friends, has entered the temple of Hymen accompanied by Mr. Thomas Stribling. This unexpected event took place about a month ago. The young couple talk of becoming inhabitants of Cousin James paradise Kentucke. Have you heard of the wedding of Miss Hannah Washington? if not know that june last was the happy month that gave her as a bride to Mr Peter Whiting a lower Virginian. And what is still more strange, Miss Kitty, the most admired of all the Washington family: is engaged to a Doctor a little Maryland Physician; the copartner of Doctor Bull My Brother has leased a lot in Battle-Town, on which he has built him a tolerable good dwelling house, Kitchen &cc' in this said Town he now resides with Nelson insted of the last mentioned gentleman I wish he had taken some good girl for a companion for wife. Whether from an aversion to our sex , to matrimonial state or some cause, I know not: but he still perseveres in continuing an almost old Batchelor. to the no small mortification of all his friends. Both our honoured Parents are very well; they have been remarkably healthy ever since their return to Virginia. May he who alone can add length to the days of mortals look down in mercy on them and grant a long continuance of their lives. and a happy old age. I must beg you to excuse my being silent on the subject you so particularly desired me to be expicit. if you have heard anything relative to the person we are now speaking of I should thank you for the communication Papa intends giving us a busy summer, logs are now getting for the building of a large barn, on our old Bulskin Farm. There is nothing but industry going on out of doors and in, but as for myself I have little to boast of as your Apron yet wants the finishing stroke. Mama joins me in love to yourself, William; John; Josepha; Charles; Molly; David; & Michael kiss Josepha a dozen times for me and do not let her forget her very affectionate Aunt Hariet, and your sincerely affectionate Sister Sarah H. Bull M.L.N. fr Sarah Bull (sister) 1/16/1789 [cover] Mrs Maria Nourse Bathinendi to the care of [?] [?] Wistar & Astib New York

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