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Nourse, Joseph

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Jos. Nourse to M.L.N. 9/11/ 1790 I have this evening been rendered much more comfortable in myself and situation than I shou'd have been had not your sweet Letter come to my hands, -- I have read it my dear Love over and over again: I have looked at the Chapters containing the Texts preached from on Lords day evening, and Tuesday Lecture. I cannot yet give you so good an Account, but it is with comfort I mention the Lord's Mosaics in Secret to me of a morning & evening and particularly this afternoon in writing the Texts of Lords day morning & afternoon. so that I can say with some little Faith the Lord in his goodness hath been with me by Night and by Day. The courage and Strength which you have shewn from Faith & Love to God's word will (I have faith) return manifold to yourself and I hope in Blessing to those under you. How happy you make me by thus acquainting me Prayer is not discontinued. I have experienced much comfort at the Throne of Grace when we have as in One Spirit (tho absent in Body) been before the Lord -- Wednesday morning I sent you the Letter I had written the preceding Evening. Upon taking my walk in the morning I met Mr Govell and he requested my Company to dinner -- after dinner, I called upon Mr Sellers employed on the Printing frame, and found it was preparing for the next morning -- Thursday morning about four oclock, the chair was ready -- Pa dressed -- Mr Mendenhall set off for the Paper Mill -- (2) Mr Mendenhall was an apprentice to Mr D. Rittenhouse and he says remembers your coming to Mrs R's. He is an intelligent Man and being moral, tho not religious, is not offensive like Mr T. -- we conversed socialbly now and then I sounded him on Quaker Principles, but as we shoud never agree I changed my ground -- we breakfasted at Chester, and about ten arrived at the Paper Mill. -- It is only 23 Miles from Philadelphia & the most romantic rural I coud have imagined. Here we [??] received the friendly Reception. Mr Mark Wilcox desired me to stay and take a bed which was every way suitable to my Inclination. The Mill was immediately put in motion, and before Night fifteen hundred Sheets of Paper were moulded. Yesterday morning I took my leave after breakfast and as I knew Mr Bailey was doing every thing with all the despatch in his Power so that I coud not expedite matters by an early return, I came slowly to Chester where I dined and recreated myself with a Walk about the Town -- in the Evening retured to Philad. On my Arrival last evening I found a Letter waiting, that had come by post from the Secretary of the Treasury with farther directions about the printing business, but none from Ma: Mr Geiso had prepared me his best Room so that I am more comfortably fixed than I was the two first nights -- I took a little walk quite alone for I shun rather than seek company, this evening up Market Street, and on my (3) return, your Letter was presented me, -- You will say, or might say, My dear Pa, you have wrote enough considering it is saturday night -- True my Ma: but tomorrow is Lords day, and Monday the Post goes in the morning, when I must acknowledge Col. Hamilsons Letter. The Weather here is Sultry both my windows are open and having no Curtains I might almost be in the Street, but this is customary. a nice Observer from going thro' the Streets might have a tolerable mental acquaintance with every Family. -- I should have told you that whilst I was at the Paper Mill I was very agreably engaged in examining the various Works and the process of making Paper, from the time it is brought to the Mill in old rags at 3 d [?] to its being sold at per Ream also in walking about the Farm up the Hills solus, and down again. Mr Mark Wilcox is an old acquaintance of yours. his Father Jos. N to M.L.N. 9/11/1790 page 2 purchased and lived at the Place where you were born -- she appears friendly and woud be glad of your company to see her. MW -- invited me pressingly, and perhaps we may have an opportunity. Her Sister lives with her and a Niece. This last young Lady is in a deep consumption which is certainly a very distressing Sight, especially where there appears no signs of spiritual Life. "How can they believe (says God's word) without a Preacher" -- I intend the Lord willing, to hear Mr Annar at the Spruce Street meeting House in the morning and attend afternoon and evening at Arch Street -- The altered Instructions from Mr Hamilton will delay Mr. Bailey another day, so that it will be (4) Tuesday morning before the Press will get to work upon the New Paper I am in hopes that by Thursday morning Stage I shall be able to leave the City and carry a Parcel ready printed with me. leaving the management of sending to the Southward the Parcels for the Southern Loan Offices to Mr Gevett. In this my Love will be assured I am very anxious to return I shall now conclude desiring my best Love to My dear little folks & kisses of remembrance to Sister Becky & Brother Gabriel. our adopted little ones, Mona: -- remember me cordially and respectfully to Mr Wall to Mr Matlock, your dear Pa. My dear Maria. J:N: Monday morning -- I wish my dear Love I had nothing now to do but to pack up my little Trunk and away by this mornings Stage but this, how ever desirable, I cannot do -- It is an arithmetical proposition that an unequal Number, deducted from an equal the whole will be unequal: so it wou'd be with me, were I to leave it, until I have finished, by which I mean, having a quantity of Paper printed to carry on to New York, approved by the Secretary and permitted to return. Mr Gevell & Mr Wharton will do the rest wh will be to send on to the Southern Loan Offices. --- I had yesterday with the Lord's blessing a comfortable Sabbath. (5) In the morning I went to hear Mr. Annon. -- The Service was opened by the reading of part of a Psalm rendered into verse: this was done by the Minister, who then paraphrased the Psalm a method which I think very edifying from a Gospel Minister which this Gentleman appears to be -- The Psalm was then sung. Prayer made and Discourse from Acts V111. 14 -- he read to the 21. verse, but paraphrased or lectured only to the 17. inclusive -- upon the 14. He xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx explained the nature of the Commission given to the Apostles, its extent and duration -- of their readiness to further the work of God at Samaria which he considered the effect of Christ himself preaching there -- The Apostles sent were Peter and John -- He shewed nine of the Apostles were consider'd first, by which he shews the arrogance of the Popish Church -- upon the 15. He dwelt a while upon Prayer shewed what Prayer is in itself, its efficacy with God, and recommended ejaculatory Prayer -- treated upon the Office of the Holy Spirit, its operation, Ordinary & Extraordinary -- of Ordinances -- Prayer without laying on of Hands may be effectual, but laying on of Hands with out Prayer ineffectual -- referred to the Scriptures to shew the variety of Spiritual Gifts, Cornthians X11. 1. to the 6'. & Ephesians --The Minister drew the attention of his People (6) to Christ as the Auther of all Gifts & graces. It would have given me more pleasure had the method of preaching been more personal --- Jos. N. to M.L.N. 9/11/1790 psge 3 in the afternoon at Mr Sproats -- Service commenced with a short Prayer V Chapter of Proverbs was then read, Sermon preached from the 11. 12. & 13. Verses. And thou mourn at the last, when thy flesh and thy body are consumed, And say, How have I hated Instruction and my Heart dispised reproof! And I have not obeyed the voice of my Teachers, nor inclined mine ear to them them, that instructed me. This Chapter said the venerable minister of Gods word, is the wiseman exhorting to the Study of Wisdom, and wherein is shewn the Vanity, wickedness and Idolatry of the World under the Character of an Harlot. The miserable End of such is described not only in the Text, And thou mourn at the last, but by Christ himself in the Parable of the Rich Man & Lazarus. The Spirit of God seemed with and upon the Speaker. There was an Energy above Nature and it was truely affecting to see this Minister bending under the weights of years and many Infirmities getting to the House of God where he seemed to be at Home striving and praying to the last for the Prosperity of Zion -- He divided his Sermon & preached as far as Strength enabled him as follows, first he shewed, That the means of Grace, particularly (7)in the Gospel dispensation are admiralbly calculated for a Sinners eternal Salvation -- Secondly, That Notwithstanding those means there are Persons who despise them and in their Hearts hate Instruction and reproof. Thirdly, The Consequence of a neglect of such precious Means -- They shall mourn at the last when their flesh and their bodies are consumed, when the door of Mercy is shut they shall in lamentations mourning and woe cry as in 11. 12. & 13. verses In the Evening I went to hear Mr Pilmore a very popular Preacher at Mr. Magaws -- Were I to describe my feelings at the these several Places of Worship, I woud compare them to a musical Instrument: In the morning there was something so New, I coud not bring all the Strings to harmonize or be muscical, In the afternnoon it was more filled and pleasing, but in the evening it was all discord ---- His Text was XXXV111. Isaiah 1. verse. " Thus saith the Lord, Get thine House in Order for thou shall die and not live" It was observed that this was a Message from the Lord to Hezekiah' This text was divided under two general Heads. 1 What it is to die 2 The necessity of setting our House in Order 1 as to our wordly calling Jos. N to M.L.N. 9/11/1790 page 4 2 as to our spiritual concerns (8) Natural Death was explained to be the consequence of Sin, arising from disobedience in our first Parents "For as by one Man" etc. Death was pictured in a manner striking to the Imagination in a very flowery retorical way -- This was a wide field for drawing the natural understanding, and affections, and he certainly was therein successful, the burning fever, the paraletic stroke, the apoplectic fit were all introduced, very affectingly. -- . [?] The Setting our House in Order -- how necessary for our Families it was a duty we owed to the State and the Church of God. --but in a spiritual Sense, This was the principal aim he had in chosing his Text -- Herein it was observed much was to be done. Set thine House in Order -- He that believeth shall be saved and he that believeth not shall be damned --Repent -- All this was, he said, in his preaching to be built on. Christ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx on his Attonement. -- " I know I am right (says Mr P--) building with Gold and Silver and not with Hay Straw nor Stubble". -- Repentance he explained, to be coming to a Mans self like the Prodigal. -- Mr Pilmor was formerly a Methodist, and preached in this City before the War -- during the War or there abouts he went to England and was ordained for the episcopal Church. He is said to be very sound in his Principles, and makes a great stir among the Quakers many of whom have been (9) baptised. You know my dearest Love it woud give me pleasure and I t hink so according to the Truths God has been pleased to reveal unto us in that plain but evangelic manner ! I consider it Methodism. --- That God may keep us from all Heresies in the profession & prossession of the true Faith let us continually implore our great High Priest in Heaven --- I am sure my Love you will be tired before you get through this Narration. I must repeat my best Love to you and that I shall (God Willing) be with you by Saturday at farthest J:N: hrist himself in the

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