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Nourse, Joseph

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M.L.N fr Jos. Nourse 8/30/1796 Philadelphia Tuesday 30' Aug. 1796 I begin my dear Maria to wish the return of Tuesday that I [may] receive your Packet: in this my friend has not disappointed me and this morning I was again comforted with the Account of yourself & Children dated last Thursday the 24th. I received like[??] Miss Dasch, very agreable Letter, and those from my dear Children. Mr. Boyd will take a family dinner with me xxxxxx and in the evening goes out to Mr Haines at Germantown & calls on Thursday at Mr. Rittenhouse, your Nephew David proposes to accompany him to Northumberland -- I must [???] to my usual method of giving you some Account of myself & Friends Fryday last in the afternoon I hired one of M. Greens Ponies and went out to Germantown and drank Tea with Mrs Haines who requested me to come out again, but I should have told you Wednesday evening I received a polite Note from M. Josiah Matlock reguarding my company the next day to dinner I accordingly accepted & had the pleasure of meeting with M. Boyd. our Dinner was in pretty style -- On (2) Saturday morning M. Annan returned, or rather on Fryday evening Mr. M. Gempsy came to our House on the Invitation we gave him, but as I had accepted of Mr. Inglis request to come to Tea, I sent Michael from Mr. Englis to bring him thither -- he acquainted us the intended Mission had been deferred from the Indisposition of Mr. Mason who it was apprehended was dangerously ill. Mr. Annan therefore returned and on Saturday morning called upon me -- he preached Sabbath on Hearken unto me ye stout hearted who are far from Righteousness, [???] near my Righteousness and I shall not be far off and my Salvation shall not Tarry and I will place Salvation in Zion for Israel my Glory [?] upon this Text I shall make no other comment than that Mr. Annon appeared on his elevated place in offering Christ to the Stout hearted Sinner -- let us plead those precious promises of his bringing his Righteousness very near to each of us. In the afternoon M. Dicky to a very full Church Arch Street Market Street & Pine Street being all vacant. Be ye no hearers of the Word only, but Doers deceiving your own Selves (3) Yesterday morning M. Annan went off with an intention to bring Mrs Annan to Town, the latter end of the week -- Last Evening I called at Cousins and saw Fan whom Mr. Stansbury says behaves very tolorabley. Cousin Mina is among her relations in Montgomery -- the Room is about finishing in which they are to Winter -- for the House they will receive two hundred Dollars [per] annum. I then walked to Mrs. Rittenhouse and staid till late. Mrs. Rittenhouse mourns -- in [speaking] of you, she said you woud return home to me, and I suppose recollecting her being alone without that expectations wept. I coud not reply, but in a few moments the Conversation took another turn -- enquired after Miss Mary R -- Mrs Walters & her little Son came in, and afterwards Brother Rittenhouse. They are well and requested us their Love to You. I am very much obliged to my dear friend for her Epistle -- I shall make no comment to you, altho I do many to my self, and you may judge if they are not greatly to your advantage, but my dr Love pray do not write so much I am afraid this Tax once a week on your Constitution is too much. M.L.N. fro Jos. Nourse 8/30/1796 M.L.N. fr. Jos. Nourse 8/30/1796 (4) I have spoken to Mrs. Dick about preserving you the Peaches, and have reminded Michael about the Garden Seeds -- Pray remember me very affectionately to your D Mother & friends -- I do not [???] my d. Love to put up my poor prayers for you, and I am assured that you remember your d. Papa, at the Throne of Grace, when in due time we shall both meet & join in eternal praises to the God of all Grace for his Mercies to us in time and eternity. Do not think my d. Mia, that I do not miss your Company. I never was so much at a loss for it and perhaps this separation will teach me to prize it as I ought -- are you not next to my own Soul do not I love you with all the affection of the tenderest Friend -- but do not let any fond regards or friendship for me make any alteration in your Journeys. tarry as long as can with convenience and partake of this kind & indulgent Providence twards you & our d. Children -- I aim at contentment in every situation and to be as thankful as possible -- The Heart towards God must be right [orderd]. This to his Omniscience, can only be done in Christ, Oh for his Mercy & Grace thru Him. farewell till this day week Yours Affectionately J Nourse I dine at the Presidents Pa reaceived his d. on Tuesday Children's Letters Pray kiss each of them for Me

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