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Josepha N. fr. A. Danes (Haines, Young, Lloyd) 1/8/1798 Aug:st 1st 1798 You must know my dear Maria that I have for this Month passed intended writing you for it seems along while since I have heard from any of you and I thought perhaps you might find time and matter to answer an Epistle from me; as for your Mother she is so long make up a sufficient quantity of scandal to fill a Letter to me that I begin to dispair of ever hearing from her & was I less occupied just now I would write her a tremendous long Letter abusing all my neighbours from the beginning to the end in hopes it would act as a stimulus to her to answer me. -- Tell Mary Rittenhouse that I intend being just as long answering hers as she was mine which would be not a little mortification if she knew how much I could tell about dear Mr Mac' how he is going to Scotland and a great deal more that is very interesting & affecting but I must not entertain you with it for fear your Mother should think I had lost the little sense she gave me credit of possessing --- My Mother we flatter our selves is getting better She has been ill these five months and is very much weakened and reduced by it; this has been the means of confining my Sister and self much at home indeed what with my fathers encreased debility of Mind and Body and my Mother's long indisposition I scarcely ever get to Northumberland more than once a month and then only for two or three Days -- but they are all well I know, and I hope we love one another the better for feeling the value of each other's society -- Your little cousin Anima grows finely she is much prettier than Sarah tho' the old Lady will not allow it and declares she never will have as much wit --- I drank tea at Mrs Grant's two Days ago saw her Daughter and Gainer Wallis they speak highly in your praise -- and say there is no one they like so much as you; you are a good girl Maria and I do not wonder people love you but I know I must be silent on that score ------ I had strong hopes and expectations of seeing you this summer by making a Visit to the City but now I have relinquish all intentions my father's encreasing weakness will not admitt me with satisfacion to myself to leave him till I see some alteration one way or the other, to see my dear good Mrs. Nourse her good spouse and you my dear little good girl would give me great pleasure yet so situated I resign the idea without a sigh your Mother will say I may thank my disposition for that ---- well but to come to what I intended to say as I am not coming to the City I have sent you what I intended to be the bearer of: the rememberance is but small my dear Maria but if you knew with what feelings I send it you it would enhance its value. I intended it for a fril to those things you [wear] round your neck I know not what you call them as your Mother is very particular about having her things white in ironing _____ it would be more becoming ----- My Sister desires her love to you all --- I will write your Mother as soon as ever I can find time ------ My Love to her & your father and tell them I never forget their kindness --- Love to Molly Rottonhouse and believe me dear Cepha yours ____ __________ A Danes [Haines]

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