U.s. Frigate Constellation Admission Coin



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U.s. Frigate Constellation Admission Coin

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U.s. Frigate Constellation Admission Coin

Content Description: 

A. The commemorative Copper Coin is 1 1/4" in diameter. The front is embossed with a 3/4 port bow image of the Frigate Constellation under sail. The top of the coin bears the raised letters "U.S. FRIGATE CONSTELLATION" arching over the ship. The bottom of the coin bears raised numbers "1797" in italics. The Obverse is embossed with an eagle clutching a shield bearing the stars and stripes. Underneath is the image of a scroll, carronade, 18-pdr and incription that reads "THIS COIN STRUCK/FROM PARTS OF THE/FRIGATE/CONSTELLATION/THE FIRST SHIP/OF THE U.S. NAVY" in between the two cannons. B. 3" x 2" yellow slip of paper with light brown block print that reads: "This coin is symbolic. When the Constellation/ was rigged a similar coin of Gold was placed under the/ Main-Mast, one of Silver under the Fore-Mast and one/ of Copper under the Mizzen-Mast. This custom of the/ period was to give the ship fair winds, and protection/ from storms which frequently demasted the ships. It/ has been a legend that Jason first placed coins under/ the mast of his Argonaut as a tribute to the Gods for/ their protection at sea." Under neath in bold print it reads: "The possessor of this coin is entitle to free admission./ U.S.F. Constellation Foundation, Inc., Baltimore, Md."

Physical Description: 

Material: Copper/Metal. H: in., W: in., L: in., D: in., Di: 1.25 in., C: in., Wt: lbs.
301 East Pratt Street Baltimore, Maryland 21201