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Voting Booth

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Voting Booth
ca. 2000
Election Supplies Ltd-ESL

Content Description: 

Machine, Punch Voting & Voting Booth. A: Votomatic, portable, voting machine made of aluminum with plastic fittings. When closed, it resembles a small suitcase with a handle & locks. Opened, 2 plastic side panels swing out for privacy & the voting base has a 9 page folding cardboard ballot & a list of voting instructions. Above the ballot is a slot for the voter to insert his voting card. Between each page of the ballot is a gap showing a black hole opposite the name of the candidate. In a slot to the right is a small plastic-handled metal stylus with an attached chain. The voter was to punch out chad (chip) opposite the name of the candidate of his choice. Ballot rests on blue plastic base under which chad collects. Blue base is held in place & protected by raised black plastic corner supports. Inside the back of the cover, facing the voter are posted voting instructions. Electric cord is secured in place above 4 collapsible legs held in place by bungee cords. Mounted on the blue flap covering the electric outlet in the cover is a brass plaque stating this is an official Palm Beach County voting machine used Nov. 7, 2000. Fluorescent light is behind the blue flap. B-E: Legs are in 2 parts, smaller end fits into larger & held together by elastic cord inside leg. Made of aluminum.

Physical Description: 

A: L: 23 1/4" W: 20 1/2" H: 22 1/2" (open without legs)
500 S Bronough St,Florida,Tallahassee,32399