Yellow Demonstration Punchcard Ballots



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Yellow Demonstration Punchcard Ballots

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Yellow Demonstration Punchcard Ballots
Before 2000

Content Description: 

Ballot, Punch card. Bundle of yellow demonstration ballots held together by a single staple. Ballots would be used by an election official to show voters how to insert it into the votomatic voting machine & record their vote with the stylus. This demonstration bundle holds ballots from 15101 to 15150. The demonstration is printed in black with 12 vertical rows; each row has 19 spaces; in all 228 spaces that could record votes. Ballot has 2 holes, 5 1/2" from the top, these holes are placed on 2 red pins in votomatic voting machine to correctly place the ballot for voting so the stylus records a vote & would remove the chad.

Physical Description: 

L: 15 7/8" W: 3 1/4" D: 7/8"
500 S Bronough St,Florida,Tallahassee,32399