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James Horn

Dr. James Horn is Vice President of Research and Historical Interpretation & O’Neill Director of the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. He has served as...
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Elizabeth Brown Pryor

Elizabeth Brown Pryor is a State Department diplomat and noted Civil War era author. In 2008, Pryor was awarded the Lincoln Prize for Reading the Man: A Portrait of Robert E. Lee through his Private...
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Edwin S. Grosvenor

Edwin S. Grosvenor is the Editor-in-Chief of American Heritage and Invention & Technology Magazines. Mr. Grosvenor is the co-author of 299 Things Everyone Should Know About American History and...
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Melissa Connelly

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Philip Fennell

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W. D. Wetherell

W. D. Wetherell is a noted author best known for his novels, short stories, and nonfiction books on fly fishing and New England. His short stories have been published in the New England Review, the...
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Claire Lui

Claire Lui works as an editorial consultant for both print and online resources, in addition to being a writer. A graduate of Columbia University, where she studied History, Lui has also worked as a...
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George Perry

George Perry is a British critic, author, and broadcaster, and former film editor of the London Sunday Times. He has produced more than 30 books, many on the movies, including two on Alfred Hitchcock...
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Janet Souter

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Jean K. Tool

—Jean K. Tool, a retired advertising executive, lives in Colorado.
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