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Maurice Isserman

Maurice Isserman is a Professor of History at Hamilton College who specializes in modern U.S. History, American radical movements, and global exploration and mountaineering. Famous for his writing...
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Hampton Sides

Hampton Sides is an author and the editor-at-large for Outside Magazine. In addition to his journalism, Sides has written five books, including Hellhound on His Trail, Ghost Soldiers, and Blood and...
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Kent Hartman

Kent Hartman is a marketing and merchandising consultant for the music industry and has taught marketing and entrepreneurship at Oregon State University and Portland State University. He hosts a...
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Aaron Asher

Aaron Asher (1929-2008) was one of the prominent literary editors during the 20th century, editing works by Saul Bellow, Philip Roth, Arthur Miller, and President Lyndon B. Johnson. Born in East...
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Jim Rasenberger

Jim Rasenberger is an author and journalist who specializes in modern American history. He has published America, 1908: The Dawn of Flight, the Race to the Pole, the Invention of the Model T, and the...
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Mark K. Updegrove

A former publisher for Time and Newsweek, Mark K. Updegrove is a noted author and historian who wrote Baptism By Fire: Eight Presidents Who Took Office in Times of Crisis, and Second Acts:...
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James Teitelbaum

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H. Mitchell Caldwell

H. Mitchell Caldwell is a professor at the Pepperdine University School of Law. Caldwell primarily teaches criminal procedure, criminal law, and trial advocacy, and has tried cases in the California...
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Benjamin Siegal

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Martin Hintz

Martin Hintz has written more than 80 books, along with dozens of magazine and newspaper articles about his home city of Milwaukee.
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