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Barbara W. Tuchman

Barbara Tuchman (1912 – 1989) was an American historian and author who first became known for her best-selling book The Guns of August, a history of the prelude to and first month of World War...
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Joseph Wood Krutch

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Wallace C. Baker

Wallace C. Baker of Massapequa Park, New York, is publications editor for a Long Island manufacturing concern.
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John R. Burroughs

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Bradford Smith

Bradford Smith is the author of Yankees in Paradise , published by Lippincott in 1956, in which the full story of the Yankee influence on early Hawaii is told.
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Lawrence Lader

Lawrence Lader, who has written widely on history, is currently at work on a study, as yet unfilled, of radical movements in the United States since 1946. This article is based on material from the...
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John W. Ripley

John W. Ripley, the publication director of the Shawnee County (Kansas) Historical Society, has been collecting song slides for twenty years.
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Richard Sanders Allen

Richard Sanders Allen, postmaster of Round Lake, New York (population, 1,000), is an engineering historian. His specialty is covered bridges, but he has written on everything from colonial roads...
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Bruce Ingham Granger

Bruce Ingham Granger teaches English at the University of Oklahoma. This article was written under the auspices of the American Philosophical Society, which now possesses the Franklin-Brillon...
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J. A. Lukacs

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