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Marshall Fishwick

Marshall Fishwick, professor of American studies at Washington and Lee University, is the author of Virginia, the first volume in Harper’s new “Regions of America” series. He has just returned...
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Remi Nadeau

In addition to his recent Los Angeles: Mission to Modern City , of which this article forms a part, Remi Nadeau has written three other books on California history, among them The Water Seekers...
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Richard L. Neuberger

Richard L. Neuberger is the junior United States senator from Oregon and a native of that state. He is presenting the fee received for this article to Portland State College, to be awarded toward...
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Bernard Devoto

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Susan Elizabeth Lyman

Susan Elizabeth Lyman, a native New Yorker, is Associate in the Education Department of the Museum of the City of New York. She has lectured and written many booklets on the city’s history and is...
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Alfred F. Loomis

Alfred F. Loomis, associate editor of Yachting magazine and of the English publication Yachts and Yachting , has been writing about sailing since 1912. Among his many books are Ocean Racing...
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Betty Flanders Thomson

Betty Flanders Thomson is associate professor of botany at Connecticut College in New London and is the author of The Changing Face of New England , which will soon be published by The Macmillan...
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John Kenneth Galbraith

—John Kenneth Galbraith’s new book is Letters to Kennedy .
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Lloyd Graham

Lloyd Graham of Orchard Park, New York, is the editor of a regional business magazine and the author of several books, among them Niagara Country , a description of the folklore and history of...
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Leonard Patrick O’connor Wibberley

Copyright © 1958 by Leonard Wibberley. By permission of Henry Holt and Company, Inc., New York. Leonard P. Wibberley was born in Dublin but has spent much of his adult life in America, fifteen...
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