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E. M. Halliday

E.M. Halliday (1913-2003) was a longtime senior editor of American Heritage, is the author of Understanding Thomas Jefferson; When Hell Froze Over, an account of the Allied invasion of Soviet Russia...
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Malcolm Cowley

Malcolm Cowley (1898 – 1989) was an American novelist, poet, literary critic, and journalist. He was a leading chronicler and editor of "Lost Generation" writers. During 1920s Cowley lived in...
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Carl Carmer

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Morton M. Hunt

Morton M. Hunt has been writing for magazines since his discharge from the Army Air Force after World War II. In 1956 he was president of the Society of Magazine Writers.
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Thomas F. Mcgann

An associate professor at the University of Texas, Thomas F. McGann specializes in the history of Latin America. He is the author of Argentina, the United States and the Inter-American System,...
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Paul Horgan

Paul Horgan has spent much of his life in New Mexico and has written extensively about the Southwest. Portions of his Pulitzer Prize-winning history of the Rio Grande, Great River , appeared in...
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Marshall Sprague

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Leonard V. Huber

A Louisiana historian and collector, Mr. Huber wrote “Heyday of the Floating Palace,” an article about early Mississippi steamboats, in the October, 1957, AMERICAN HERITAGE . All illustrations are...
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George F. Scheer

Mr. Scheer is the editor of Private Yankee Doodle , the diary of a Revolutionary soldier. He wislies to tliank for their co-operation Dr. Francis S. Ronalds, superintendent of the Morrisdown...
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John Stuart Martin

John Stuart Martin is the author of The Home Owner’s Tree Book , published in 1962 by Doubleday. For further reading: Frederick Law Olmsted, Landscape Architect , 1822–1903, F. L. Olmsted, Jr...
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